Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Owl and The Moon

The Owl and The Moon

     Long ago the owl forced the moon to marry him. The moon was unhappy. She thought that that the owl was very ugly. She thought of a way to get rid of the owl. She threw her comb down to the earth and started to cry.

     The owl asked the moon why she was crying. The moon told the owl about the comb.

     "You must help me take the comb," said the moon. "It is dangerous for me to go down to the earth," said the owl.

     The moon cried again. It pretended to be very sad. The owl was very sad to see the moon cried. So he asked her to make a rope for him to go down to the earth. The moon quickly made a rope. The owl went down to the earth to look for the comb. He found it.

     "My dear Moon, I have found the comb. Please pull me up," cried the owl.

     The moon let go of the rope. The owl could not go back to the moon. He remained on earth. At night, the owl would call out to the moon. He wanted to go home. He missed the moon.

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